A man who made his own internet to avoid expensive costs receives Rs 20 crore from the government.

A man who built his own internet to avoid expensive costs

The US government has awarded $2.6 million to a guy who constructed his own broadband after being hit with a high charge.
Jared Mauch built his own fibre broadband after being charged $50,000 (Rs 40 lakh) to expand internet service to his house.
Mauch was tired of paying such exorbitant charges for sluggish internet speeds of 1.5 Mbps. So, around five years ago, he began constructing the ISP (Internet Service Provider) on his property.

He said that he “had to start a telephone business to access [high-speed] Internet” at his home since the major American broadband providers did not extend their fast networks to his neighbourhood.
Mauch requested that the Internet giant Comcast expand their network to him, but they quoted him a hefty $50,000. (Rs 40 lakh).
“It was so pricey at $50,000 that I wondered if it was worth it. Why would I pay to develop their network if I receive nothing in return? “According to the Daily Star, he said.

The procedure was far from straightforward, and it was only possible because Mauch works as a network engineer during the day, allowing him to launch Washtenaw Fiber Properties.
Mauch founded the enterprise primarily for himself, but his irritated neighbours soon followed suit.
Mauch’s broadband network is being used by around 70 of his neighbours. The government has now granted him funding to service an additional 600 houses.
Customers may sign up for unlimited data and 100 Mbps for $55 (Rs 4,300) each month.

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